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Italian art, by an Italian point of view.

For more than 300 years, from the end of the 13th to the beginning of the 17th century, Florence and Tuscany were the beacons of the West: art, craftsmanship, architecture, philosophy, mathematics, science, poetry and music which was born in this blessed land have informed and inspired cultures across Europe.

Modern civilization was born here, thanks to fortunate circumstances: an intellectually advanced and financially very rich society which gave birth to the greatest geniuses of the time: Giotto, Dante, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo Galileo. And many others.

And the dynamics that have allowed this immense cultural revolution are multiple and complex, impossible to understand during a guided visit to the museum, however accurate and in-depth it is.

This is why I though to offer a series of cultural insights to those who want to experience our historical and artistic heritage.

An online meeting to retrace one or more topics of history, art, architecture, before the real visit.

AFFRESCO: an italian story

From the ancients to the modernity, a brief in-depth experience to understand this “very italian” skill.

masters: MASACCIO

The inventor of modern painting, a genius who burned quickly. Pure without ornament.

masters: GIOTTO

In the art history there is a before and an after Giotto. He should be better known than he actually is.


an original and sophisticated culture thrived in Tuscany long before Rome.


The invention of the Renaissance architecture and the adventure of the great Dome.

here, NOW

if you can’t find contemporary art in Tuscany it’s because you are looking in the wrong place.

the MACCHIAIOLI: against the accademy

A group of alternative, revolutionary and very good artists between Renaissance and Impressionism.


A whole life dedicated to art (and God, and self celebration). Story of a great man and his work.

Replacing a real visit with a virtual one? Impossible.

But it is also impossible to visit twelve churches in one day, or to fly over the roofs of Florence to follow so many works of art in their original locations. Or even observe the finer details of a painting that is behind a glass, a meter away.

Thanks to the web we will be able to dilate time and space to discover some aspects that can often be overlooked in a visit. And the stories, anecdotes and curiosities that I will bring you will be the ideal path that will accompany you on these journeys, experienced in real time.

A moment of cultural insight before a guided tour or just because you’re curiosous about these subjects.

Available for schools, institutions, associations, and everybody who is interested in history, art, architecture, and local culture of Florence, Tuscany and Italy.

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