My name is Marco and I’m a professional tour guide for Florence and Tuscany. I believe that this is one of the most interesting places of the world, because of its art, culture, history, environment and people.

And I believe that if Renaissance was born here is because of the commingling of different factors that makes this place unique.

The Latin expression Genius Loci means “the Spirit of the place”. And that Spirit is – in a few words – what makes a place, that place.

Human beings, stones, plants, animals, food, culture and traditions. I am convinced that every place in the world is different and unique because it’s a mix of these factors. And learning how this recipe ”works” here actually intrigues me a lot.

Geniuslooci is the name of my personal project, a try to combine the ancient spirit of the place with the contemporary life and society.

Let’s understand Florence and Tuscany, its art cities, its countryside, its history and art. Let’s understand what makes Tuscany, Tuscany.

My mission as a guide is sharing with you the intimate essence of this land, in order to really understand its Spirit. 

Check out the experiences page or contact me. I’ll be glad to design a customized tour for you: a genuine and authentic experience for learning more about this amazing place.

Let me know your wishes, I’ll do my best for turning your trip here into an occasion of personal growth and a priceless experience.

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