Travel Sustainably

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world, and you can imagine why. Beauty, history, art, good food, excellent wines and, most of all, great people.

But this heritage can be really fragile when millions of people flock to the same places, all the same places along the tourist flows. This risk has a name: overtourism. And can seriously damage our reachness: the territory and the local community, of which I am part as well.

I love my Country and I love my job, for this I try everyday to offer a sustainable way to live and experience this beautiful land, trying to avoid the super-crowded places, finding the alternative paths in town and in the countryside; and reccomending to my guests the less known places, restaurants, shops, wineries and farms.

Everyday I try to live a sustainable life: I live in the countryside, on the hills around Florence, where I find many of the things I need by local farms: vegetables, meat, wine, honey and other products. I love cooking and finding locally produced ingredients, by local markets.

I often commute by public transportation and my car is powered by natural gas, eco-sustainable. At any time of the day I try to make a small contribution to safeguard our planet, which was never in danger as it is today. And I try to convey this vision – that I share with my partner – also and above all to my daughters, whom I see growing every day in this wonderful place.

I am a member of the Italian association called Slow Food and I actively support Greenpeace campaigns.

I try to apply this lifestyle every day to my job as well. I prefer walking instead of car, take my guests to the smallest “borghi” (villages) or wine regions, choosing local and small “osterie” (restaurants) which serve local and fresh food and support small, local wineries and farms, better if organic farming and hand-made oriented.

Because I believe that the world can change with our example, not with our opinion.